Letter of the week, movie night and trying to be more frugal!

Wow, I feel like I haven’t had a break in forever! We are always going and doing or I am home busy busy busy! The life of a mother, preachers wife, jewelry maker, manager of my fathers firearms business so many things running through my head! In fact I thought of a great devotional the other day and it was gone as quickly as it came… I’m still waiting on it to come back! There were 3 new things this week…
Well we will start with last week I decided to have “letter of the week” with jacy! Each week we will focus on a letter of the alphabet and then a family from worship gave us a compete set of letter books so it was perfect!! We started with “a”, of course, we ate apples, read our book, colored an alligator A and a apple “little a”. The next day we had a lesson on Adam it seemed perfect to start with the him since he was in the beginning too! My goal is to not only teach her the alphabet but to teach her all about them! Every few weeks I plan to review so it sticks!

Movie night!
This week was ratatouille, my husbands request because he had never watched it. I was very skeptical for our menu but I went ahead and branched out and made “ratatouille pasta”. It was amazing!!! We had French bread, I’m mean how could you not they are in Paris! 🙂 and rat cookies. My kids were very tired so we didn’t have any activity tonight just dinner and a movie. It was fun though and troy loved it! Speaking of tired my kids went to bed at 8pm! Both of them, that is a rare occasion… Actually I don’t think it’s ever happened! So what did troy and I do…?

Made laundry soap!!!! Duh! 🙂
I found a great recipe on pinterest here
My house smells so good! As well as my hands! I can’t wait to do laundry and see how it works! My friend made some and loves it, so I’m sure i will as well!

What now? NCIS and coffee with my sweet husband then bed!! I am one tired mommy!









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